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Hal&Al Meats at the Following Locations:​

New York, NY
The Rotunda*
New York, NY
The Pierre, A Taj Hotel*
New York, NY
Holy Cow
New York, NY
Sam's Steak & Grill
Valley Stream, NY
Lasiaf Tacos*
Brooklyn, NY
New Hyde Park, NY

*Some locations serve a limited Hal&Al menu. Please verify with restaurant which Hal&Al Meats are being served.



  • European Breeds including Angus, Charolais, Simmental and Hereford
  • Wide range of AAA and Prime rated products
  • Consistent Specifications
  • Well trimmed

  • Controlled hormones and natural beef 
  • Beta-Agonist Free Programs
  • Fed on high-quality grass and corn
  • Raised in Canada from birth to finish 

  • Humane Slaughter
  • Authentically Hand Slaughtered
  • Certified by HMS (Halal Monitoring Service)

Hal&Al Fest 2018

We would like to thank everyone that came out this year! Over 5,000 of you showed up to support Hal& Al and all of our amazing vendors.


Most frequent questions and answers

Many restaurants across the country buy from Hal&Al. Currently Holy Cow and Sam’s Steak & Grill serve Hal&Al meat exclusively.

If you are a food service company, yes. If you are a consumer, not yet. We plan to serve retail consumers in the near future, for more information please sign up for our mailing list for updates on Hal&Al.

Yes, for all food service inquiries, please contact us directly.

All of our meats are 100% Hand-Slaughtered. We follow the strictest zabihah ritual harvest guidelines. 

All of our beef come from Prime and Choice cuts of meat. Hal&Al does not source meat below Choice quality.

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